The spirit of nature is strong in Cimmeria and has begun to manifest itself amongst the barbarians of the north.

Bear shamans can inherit aspects of the great bear like claws, savage strength or adrenaline surges and use spirit totems that heal and counter-attack enemy blows. They can also gain the power to heal and eventually resurrect fallen companions.

Bear shamans are able to equip the heaviest priest armor (medium) and are the sturdiest of all the priests. Capable of mighty combos with their two-handed weapons, and a complement of druidic enchantments, this makes them fearsome enemies in combat. In common with other priests, they also have many healing powers.

Archetype: Priest

Permitted races: Cimmerian

Main Weapon: Two-handed blunts / Secondary Weapons:  Bows, crossbows, and thrown weapons

Armor: Cloth armor, light armor, and medium armor