NPCs/Landmarks :: H

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Name Type Zone Sub Zone
Armors, Grand Old Tarantia Avenue of Lions
Armors, Fine Khopshef Province Bubshur
Landmark Atzel's Approach
Quest Giver Khopshef Province Caravanserai
General Goods Field of the Dead Fire Beacon Lookout
Landmark City of Tortage
Landmark Field of the Dead
Quest Giver Conall's Valley
Landmark Khopshef Province
Quest Giver Khopshef Province Bubshur
Landmark Conall's Valley
Armors, Fine Khopshef Province Caravanserai
Quest Giver Atzel's Approach Aelfrith Camp
Landmark Old Tarantia Avenue of Roses
Quest Giver Conarch Village
Quest Giver Conall's Valley Mountain Glade

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