NPCs/Landmarks :: O

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Name Type Zone Sub Zone
Resource Lacheish Plains
Landmark Kheshatta
Landmark Purple Lotus Swamp
Quest Giver Poitain Caenna Village
Quest Giver City of Tortage
Food and Drinks, Grand Khemi The Souk
Food and Drinks, Master Khemi
Quest Giver Purple Lotus Swamp
Quest Giver Conall's Valley Hidden Cavern
Quest Giver Khopshef Province
Potion Merchant Eiglophian Mountains Mountain Hunting Lodge
Landmark City of Tortage
Landmark Kheshatta
Quest Giver Khopshef Province Treasury of the Ancients
Resource Poitain
Quest Giver Wild Lands of Zelata Tesso
Quest Giver Conall's Valley
Quest Giver Khemi
Quest Giver Conall's Valley Cascade Falls
Quest Giver Old Tarantia The Stables
Architect Trainer Purple Lotus Swamp Nakaset Village
Quest Giver City of Tortage Thirsty Dog Inn
Landmark Old Tarantia

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