Quests :: G

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Title Chain Zone Level
City of Tortage Night 10
City of Tortage Night 15
I - Bushwhacking City of Tortage 11
I - A Father's Pain Wild Lands of Zelata 20
II - A Son's Suspicion Wild Lands of Zelata 20
I - Plundering the Dead Tortage Underhalls Day 14
II - Return to Captain Sakumbe Tortage Underhalls Day 14
I - Stones and Bones Tortage Underhalls Day 12
II - Out from the Depth Tortage Underhalls Day 12
I - The Haunted Mausoleum White Sands 12
II - Return to Phoenic White Sands 12
I - Slaying the Werewolves for Ceana Field of the Dead 48
II - Words from a Hero Field of the Dead 48

13 Quests Found