Quests :: M

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Title Chain Zone Level
I - Making the Most of it Eiglophian Mountains 55
II - Treasure Lost No More Eiglophian Mountains 55
I - Another Day, Another Hunt Eiglophian Mountains 60
II - Skins for the Hunting Lodge Eiglophian Mountains 60
I - Mayhem and Destruction Conall's Valley 31
I - The Thief's Tale Old Tarantia 20
II - The Shining Soul Old Tarantia 20
I - The Guard Post Thunder River 60
II - Back to Captain Tiberius Thunder River 60
I - An Odd Delivery Tarantia Noble District 40
I - Ask If Mekhtet Needs Help Purple Lotus Swamp 20
I - Deliver the Medicine Wild Lands of Zelata 20
II - Bloody Cargo Wild Lands of Zelata 20
I - Helping a friend of a friend Field of the Dead 42
II - A Good Deed Done Field of the Dead 42

15 Quests Found