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Phoenix of the East

Old Tarantia
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Quest Chain
I. The Great River
II. The Last Artifact
III. Hidden Memories
IV. Phenoix Medallion Ritual
V. Audience with the King
Level: 60
Starting NPC: Scrya / Old Tarantia

Scrya told me of the last part of the medallion, the Phoenix of the East.  I must claim it from the acheronian demon Har-shebesh, in a cave near the Thunder River Prison Colony.  With it, the Phoenix Medallion can be completed, the Atlantean god awakened and I can finally be freed from the Mark of Acheron.

General Tatius, located on a small island in the Thunder River, between a fortified island and a small village near the shore, can help me find the cave holding the Phoenix of the East.  I must speak with him.

XP / Money

XP 0    Gold 0    Silver 0    Copper 0    Tin 0
** Actual values may vary depending on your level when you complete the quest.
Tuesday, 02 September 2008
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