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Phoenix of the East

Old Tarantia
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Quest Chain
I. The Great River
II. The Last Artifact
III. Hidden Memories
IV. Phenoix Medallion Ritual
V. Audience with the King
Level: 60
Starting NPC: General Tatius / Thunder River

I must claim the Phoenix of the East from the demon Har-Shebesh.  With it, the Phoenix Medallion is complete - and I can awake the atlantean god that sleeps within, and free myself from the Mark of Acheron.

General Tatius told me where to find the location where the Phoenix of the East is held - a cave on the northern side of Thunder River, among the mercenaries in the Blood Rite Subterrain.

  • Kill Har Shebesh
  • Get the Phoenix of the East
XP / Money

XP 0    Gold 0    Silver 0    Copper 0    Tin 0
** Actual values may vary depending on your level when you complete the quest.
Tuesday, 02 September 2008
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Tuesday, 02 September 2008
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When you get to the first open area in the blood rite subterrain, go right and hop up the rocks at location 499, 454. You need to kill Har Shebesh's apprentices first. When that was done, I hopped up in the ring next to Shebesh but it took him a few to aggro to me. When he's down to about 1/2 health, he summons a mob of lvl 57's. I died the first time the lvl 57's spawned. When I rezzed and came back, the 57's were still there. After I killed them, Shebesh was at full health and when I got him back down to 1/2, he summoned them again (damn you Funcom!)