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Phoenix of the East

Old Tarantia
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Quest Chain
I. The Great River
II. The Last Artifact
III. Hidden Memories
IV. Phenoix Medallion Ritual
V. Audience with the King
Level: 60

The medallion was merged with the rock as I drowned in white light.  The mark of Acheron was cleansed from my body, and the Atlantean god was released.  But the ritual caught Thoth-Amon's attention, and he summoned me.  In the midst of darkness he spoke to me, and killed me.  Without the Mark of Acheron to reanimate me, I died.

But I did not remain dead.  The god I had released used his last strength to give me the gift of immortality, to be used against the Grim Grey God.  Then he died and faded away.

I am free of the mark of Acheron, and King Conan wants to see me.  He waits in his castle in Old Tarantia, Aquilonia.

  • Enter King Conan's throne room
  • Talk to King Conan
XP / Money

XP 0    Gold 0    Silver 0    Copper 0    Tin 0
** Actual values may vary depending on your level when you complete the quest.
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