Welcome to the DoomDealer.com community, an online database for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures.  Our goal is to provide a user-friendly site for AoC players to find specific data about in-game objects quickly.


We currently have several databases available for immediate use.  These include Quests, Items (armor, weapons, etc), NPCsZones and Forums.  In addition, we are already developing other databases which will be published as they are completed. 

Unfortunately, Age of Conan has a closed API.  Therefore, it is not possible to programatically gather in-game data like you can in other titles.  The DD Team is consistantly adding new data ('till our fingers bleed), and we have built a mechanism to allow you, the registered users, to also contribute to the site.

On behalf of the Age of Conan Community, we'd like thank you for your contributions and we look forward to serving your adventuring needs both now and in the future.


- The DoomDealer Team