Pyramid of the Ancients - NPCs/Landmarks

***Solo Instance in Khopshef Province***

The Pyramid is made up of 3 floors.  You enter on the ground floor.  Head towards the right to receive quest from Pashi.  The first floor door is on the right side of the red area in the back of the ground floor.  Once on the 1st floor, go up the stairs and take a right, then a left into the room w/tables, bookshelves and baddies.  There's a tome on the table (loc 95,56) that offers the quest "Words of Wisdom".

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ID Name Type SubZone X Y
1 Quest Giver Second Floor 85 490
2 Quest Giver First Floor 96 56
3 Object First Floor 188 135
4 Quest Giver Ground Floor 259 336
5 Resurrection Point 217 273
6 Quest Giver 92 174
 Resurrection Points
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Pyramid of the Ancients

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